Bruce Kalman Top Chef

Podcast 97 – Bruce Kalman

Bruce Kalman and I are bonded for life – he is the only person I’ve met outside of high school from the same part of NJ as me. So of course when I found out my fellow Jersey boy is going to be competing on the next season of Top Chef, I had to have him on the podcast ASAP.


Bob Baker Marionette Theater

I have been meaning to get to The Bob Baker Marionette Theater all year. The one time we did find a free weekend to go, we made the rookie mistake of not buying tickets online. …

Sexual Chocolate Shake

Fat Sal’s x McDowell’s (Coming to America)

One of my all-time favorite movies is Coming to America. I was born in Queens, lived there for 7 years, and got married to “She’s Your Queen to Be.”

Mother Earth Bowl at Flower Child Santa Monica

Flower Child’s Mother Earth Bowl Recipe

Eating out has been a challenge, needless to say, but I’ve found one place on the Westside that has lots of options for those with a ton of dietary restrictions, like me: Flower Child.