What I Want for Valentine’s Day

I’m in a Valentine’s Day frame of mind. Which is weird because in the 21 years that I’ve been with my husband, I’ve never cared about this holiday before. Until now. I asked Abe to make plans, and he’s going to surprise me with something non-food-related on the 14th. Maybe it will show up on my InstaStory?

At any rate, this year I’m feeling all romantic and thinking ahead!

Where to Eat

Greenhouse Restaurant

Gift Ideas

  • LANIMA – My friend Debbi Symes founded this 100% vegan skin care company, featuring ethically-sourced ingredients. It comes in the most beautiful, luxurious box and I can’t think of anything more self-lovey-dovey than painting a mask on myself once a week.
  • Milk Jar Cookies – My fave in LA. Even the gluten-free kind.
  • Pretty Simple Cooking – This new cookbook from my blog buddies A Couple Cooks is all vegetarian and so freaking gorgeous. Even if you’re not part of a couple right now you’ll want to make everything in it.
  • Pygmy Hippo Shoppe – This tiny (and I mean tiny) store carries the cuuuuutest stuff.

Get Away!