Podcast 99 – Rachelle Wood (part 2)

“If you call any of the local restaurants for delivery…they’ll deliver your food to your actual chemo chair.” – Rachelle Wood

My dear friend Rachelle Wood is the face of multiple skin care, cosmetics, clothing brands, and has always been one of the healthiest people I know – mentally and physically. She is not anywhere near what I picture when I think of cancer. But for the past year, I’ve watched her fight Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Now that she’s in remission, I had to have back on the podcast to talk about everything she went through.

You may remember our interview from 2014, where we talked about her super successful commercial acting and modeling career. Rachelle actually worked more than ever while she undergoing treatment, and I know she’s going to inspire anyone out there currently battling The Big C. We talk about what chemo is like, her workout routine, and big life lessons learned.

Show Notes

  • Alkaline and Ketogenic Diets
  • Thistle (vegan salad delivery) – use her code RACHEL835 for two free meals when signing up
  • Sockerbit (gummy candy)
  • M Cafe (Pad Thai)
  • @itsrachellewood on Instagram

You can listen to the episode and subscribe on iTunes.  Theme music is by Podcast Guest #85, Goh Nakamura. As I mention at the beginning of this show, this is my second-to-last interview for a while before I take a bit of a podcasting break. I can’t wait for you to hear episode #100!