Black Friday

Last year we had Thanksgiving in Austin, this year we’re in Boston. Next year Coston??? It’s a village in England (I totally just looked that up).

It’s a quick trip – we arrived on Tuesday and I almost passed out in an hour of traffic sandwiched between suitcases on the bus from the Boston airport to the subway. I also lost my beloved Awkwafina hat that Nora herself had given me. But once we got settled with family and got cooking, things were wonderful. It was my first gluten-free Thanksgiving – Abe and I whipped up a celiac-friendly Fig Salad and a vegan Quinoa Stuffing. I didn’t take any pictures (except on Instagram Stories) or write down the recipes (it was all impromptu and the lighting was horrible) but maybe when I get back to my normal set up in LA I’ll try again.

We also watched a bunch of movies – the theaters in Boston are so old school and charming! The highlight was takingĀ my cousin Finny to see Tom Hanks in “Big” at The Brattle. Hanksgiving is my new favorite tradition – next year I want to watch “Splash!”

Oh in other exciting random news: we sat next to (and talked briefly) with Chevy Chase at LAX during breakfast, I booked a small role on an awesome TV show that shoots next week, and I hear we’re having a heat wave in LA when we return.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! In case you missed it, here’s my holiday gift guide to take advantage of all those Black Friday deals.