Things I Can’t Shut Up About

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Last night I attempted a Halloween costume (Cat Power) that went horribly wrong. I may not touch an iron-on ever again, but I’m pretty proud of the following clothing hack below. I haven’t worn these pants since 2005 because the zipper wouldn’t stay up, but couldn’t bring myself to part with them because I loved the style. So I looped an old keychain ring around the zipper pull, and hooked it over the button. When I close them shut, you can’t even see the ring!

broken zipper hack

I know my manicure is a little off-season but I’m totally in love with it. I went to Color Camp for a little post-audition-rejection pampering – this polish (Heart Attack by ncLA) was a total pain to put on (she had to pour them out of the bottle and used tweezers to apply the tiny pink/red hearts) but I feel like it was worth it. They’ve stayed on all week and people keep freaking out over them! I just wish they were tiny pumpkins.

heart manicure NCLA Heart Attack polish

Speaking of hearts, check out these photos of Julius by Grace Chon. I feel like crying every time I look at them.

More Hearts

  • I have no idea why it took us so long to finally look into getting an unlimited data plan, but I’m glad we did. It costs less than our old cell phone plans, plus I’m no longer a slave to finding free wifi wherever I go.
  • Now that we have the unlimited data, I can finally stream music on it! I’ve been dependent upon Abe’s Spotify list for years – we upgraded to a Family Plan and now I’ve got my own lists. I’ve got my groove back!
  • I’m trying to do more volunteer work regularly – Big Sunday is an amazing organization with weekly sign-ups.
  • I did my first interview with the Chinese press! Check out the video/article over at Apple Daily – most of it is in Chinese but I answered everything in English.
  • Happy almost Halloween! Here are some of my favorite posts from the past: Trick or Treating with the Bloggers, Halloween Pancakes, Low Sugar Pumpkin Bread, that time I ate all the Halloween candy at Disneyland.

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