Podcast 96 – Rob Dionne (Open Sky Fitness)

“This sounds crazy because I’m a trainer, but I don’t understand the people who are obsessed with working out. I don’t get it.” – Rob Dionne

Rob Dionne Open Sky Fitness

I’ve known health and fitness expert Rob Dionne (and his wife Devon) for a long time – we met via past podcast guests Jeff Meacham and Christy Meyers back in NYC. I knew him back when he was still acting, so we talk about how he shifted away from that career.

We recorded this a while ago before I joined Equinox. Even though I didn’t work out when we recorded, I’ve been obsessed with his podcast, Open Sky Fitness (I’ve even been a guest) since the beginning.

You can listen to the episode and subscribe on iTunes.  Theme music is by Podcast Guest #85, Goh Nakamura.

Show Notes