Things I Can’t Shut Up About

My dear friend/baking buddy Samantha Quan is the Associate Producer/Acting Coach on The Florida Project, now in theaters. Abe and I saw it this weekend and haven’t stopped talking about it. After we saw Sean Baker’s last feature film Tangerine we craved donuts for weeks – this time we left desperately seeking soft serve.

I’m currently taking an acting classes with Risa Bramon Garcia at The BGB Studio. They’re in Los Angeles and I highly recommend it – but if you’re in NYC she’s coming to teach a workshop in November!

Post-meal candies are still very much a thing for me. After an unfortunate cracked tooth involving a Tootsie Roll, I’ve given up on my daily lollipop. My new addiction are these Cocomels, which are vegan/gluten-free Coconut Milk Caramels. Abe is really into them, as well. I feel like we go through a bag every 3 days.

Ever since I revisited my triple ear holes, I’ve been obsessed with buying new jewelry for them. This is my new favorite look – bar earrings with a pair of mini hoop earrings (both by Shashi).

Other October Favorites:

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps – They have this body lotion at my gym and even on days when I don’t work out, I still go just to shower – mainly because I get to slather this stuff all over myself. It kinda reminds me of lemon pudding. Why is that appealing to me?!?

One Medical – Basically, you pay $200/year to have access to their doctors and services. But the ease – OH MY GOD THE EASE – of the entire experience, not to mention the amazing doctor I’m seeing is 100% worth it. Right now we’re going into my whole gluten allergy thing – diving right in – and I feel like someone is on my team, instead of me trying to convince a stranger that I’m not crazy.

Color Camp – My friend Nastassia Johnson has the most amazing nails in all her Instagram photos (see below) and I know she gets them done at the manicure-only bar. I don’t know why I get so anxious making decisions about nail art, but their menu spells it all out for you. Plus, it’s uber clean and affordable – my current gels have lasted almost 2 weeks and show no signs of stopping!