Things I Can’t Shut Up About

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Big Mouth Netflix

Big Mouth – This is the show Abe has been working on all year! You can add it to your queue now and watch all the episodes on Netflix starting September 29th.

Gold Toe Socks – Speaking of Abe, he asked me to get him some new athletic socks recently. Instead of picking up a package from Target as usual, I wandered into the fancy sock section at Macy’s. How great could they be? Let’s just say I’ve never heard Abe rave about socks before. (There are these really cute ones for women too.)

Calvin Klein Seamless Boy Shorts – Ever since I started working out again I’ve been on a quest to find non-thongs to wear under leggings. These are not only comfortable and provide a lot of coverage, but there’s zero panty line. And you can get them for 20% off now via Shopbop’s sale that starts today through Friday (the same day Big Mouth premieres!) – use the code EOTS17 at checkout to get an early jump on it before the public does tomorrow.

3 earring holes lash lift

Earring Studs – Ever since college I’ve had three holes in my left ear, two in the right. (I also used to have my cartilage pierced but after a bad hair cut experience involving a comb, I let it close.) I love that Shashi is selling cute, mismatched studs (above) that don’t infect my ears. Depending on my mood, I pair them with these Rose Gold Bar Earrings to feel a little more dressed up, even if I’m just at the gym.

That One Audition – I can’t even remember how I found this podcast, but I’m so glad I did. If you’re an actor, it’s a must download – plus Alyshia Ochse is a joy of a host.

Sweet Brown Rice – I recently picked up a bag in the Korean Grocery Store and OH MY GOD it is literally not my mama’s brown rice. It’s sticky, hearty, and yes sweet. I love it like a million times more than the regular stuff.

Alum Powder for Cankersores –  One of my gluten sensitivity symptoms is frequent cankersores. I tried changing my toothpaste, using salt, coconut oil, and many other natural remedies. But the only thing that works better than the prescription paste my dentist recommended is Alum, which is in pickling to keep fruits/veggies crispy. I basically dab it on straight for 5 minutes at the first sign of a canker sore. It tastes bitter and your mouth will get dry, but after several times, it will go away and not linger for days.

Kale and Caramel’s Greek Salad – My dear friend Lily Diamond’s cookbook has been a staple since it came out, so I knew her Greek Chopped Salad with Cumin Fried Chickpeas and Tahini Mint Dressing (below) was the perfect recipe to bring to a potluck Rosh Hashanah dinner at Susan Orlean’s. I made a double batch without the pita (one to keep at home) and have been noshing on it by the forkful.

Gluten-Free Chopped Greek Salad with Cumin Chickpeas and Tahini Mint Dressing

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