Indivisible People

My parents came here from Taiwan. Poor. Not speaking English. They learned. They raised two kids away from where they were comfortable. They became comfortable.

They thrived.

I’m so grateful to my parents for starting their family in this great country, where anything is possible. I’ve been thinking a lot about the freedom we have, and what is worth fighting for.

My friend – fellow actress/food blogger Jacqueline King Schiller – founded¬†Indivisible People.¬†Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve been feeling like the discussion around immigration has become really toxic. It’s a complicated issue, but I believe we need to stay respectful of each other’s humanity, avoid scapegoating, and continue to celebrate the diversity that makes this country great. Border security is a real concern, but we can’t pretend like immigrants are to blame for all of our country’s ills, or that we didn’t all come from somewhere else (unless, of course, you’re Native American.) And coming from somewhere else is nothing to be ashamed of!

You can buy these T-shirts for whatever you may be: Immigrant. Son/daughter of an immigrant. Or grandchild of one. 100% of the profits benefit ACLU and Save The Children.