Things I Can’t Shut Up About

Summertime favorites from my hotel room in Brooklyn.

actors connection self tape NYC and UNIQLO black jumpsuit

Actors Connection Self Tape – I’m lucky to be married to an amazing director/DP. But he’s not in NYC with me, so when I have to put myself on tape for an audition, I go here. It’s spacious with good lighting and nice blue wall (see above) and is pretty reasonable at $40 for 30 minutes. I get the most bang for my buck by bringing my own SD card and uploading/editing it myself, so we don’t spend time in the room choosing which takes to send.

Uniqlo Black Jumpsuit (also above) – Almost everything my character “Grace” wears in Mike, Mike Tan is from Uniqlo – it fits me really well! I fell in love with this jumpsuit – it doesn’t wrinkle and goes with everything. I wound up buying it from wardrobe for $30 (but it’s on sale now for less).

Supergoop! Sunscreen Oil – I grew up in the 80’s, when oily sunbathing bodies were everywhere. That’s why I’m 100% obsessed with this SPF. It’s not greasy, it feels great on my skin, and is lightweight. The only issue is the pump has broken and now does this weird camel spit thing. But when I contacted customer service they were amazing and said they are going to replace it. YAY.

Phoebe Lapine’s Tahini Banana Bread – I got to see some past podcast guests for a quick meet up (Phoebe Lapine + Serena Wolf + Katie Dalebout + Katie Horwich) and Phoebe brought me a couple slices of this incredible gluten-free bread which I stored in my hotel freezer and have been snacking on nonstop while binge-watching GIRLS on my laptop. The recipe should be on her site soon (Phoebe’s currently in Italy living it up).

Ssssting Stop – I forgot about mosquitos – we get them in LA, but not like on the east coast. My friend Abbie told me about this natural, homeopathic miracle cream that OH MY GOD REALLY WORKS. I paid double what it’s worth on Amazon Prime so I could get it faster and I don’t regret my decision for one second.

Pinnertest – My gluten allergy has started reappearing now that I don’t have a kitchen and am eating out pretty much every single meal. I don’t have time to see a doctor right now to figure out exactly what is going on (I have not been touching gluten!) so in the meantime I reached out to Pinnertest, an at-home food intolerance test. You prick some blood (even a needle-phobic baby like me was able to do it) and send it to their lab, then an email with detailed results comes back. I got mine today (more on my InstaStory) and found it to be pretty accurate – I had done a blood test with an allergist years ago and a lot of the same things were coming up – namely sweet potatoes (sigh). Wheat and gluten did not show up, but I wasn’t surprised, since I haven’t been eating any for several months now. I was sent the Pinnertest for free to blog about, plus they gave me a $60 off code if you’d like to order one too: ACTORSDIET.

Pinnertest food intolerance at home test

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  1. Joan Tanida

    I love you sharing your experiences and your products. I’v been following your videos on your food adventures.
    Keep blogging!

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