Off to NYC!

I’m currently sitting at LAX, wishing I had my daily melon.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks! 3 weeks of shoots on The Neighborhood, then I had to nurse myself back from the flu (I still reek of garlic), and now I’m off to film for another month. Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. Blogging style will be random but I’m going to try to take photos and keep posting because YOU GUYS I’M GOING TO BE IN NYC! I feel so out of touch since I lived there 7 years ago, that I am going to try to go all tourist when I’m not working. Broadway Shows, Museums, maybe even Coney Island?

So I’ll try to remember to take pictures. Perhaps I’ll vlog. I haven’t been the best about that – I recently found this footage from last August on my computer, edited it, and slapped it up on my YouTube Channel.

Best way to keep in touch is via social media – I’m @mslynnchen on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. InstaStories is probably what I’ll use the most! I’d love recommendations on places to eat gluten-free!

P.S. I totally packed my own melon scooping utensil – I know they have spoons in New York, but just in case.

P.P.S. Facebook just reminded me that on this day in 2012 I was flying home to be with my dad because he was in the hospital. I also happen to have the day off on August 12th, the day he died. Man, life is crazy. A quick hug to anyone dealing with a difficult time right now – you’ll get through it. You will.


4 thoughts on “Off to NYC!

  1. Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Many weird coincidences <3 On a happier note, I hope I get to see you while you are here! Let's make that happen:-)

  2. Ttrockwood

    Not sure how long you are in nyc but GF markings on menus are common now. If you’re back in the theater district stop by Green Symphony for one of their amazing smoothies.
    For an of the moment spot for dinner Santina is great and they have a gf “cecina” (basically socca) that is amazing as well as gf pasta. Great outdoor seating if you can get it.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I went by Green Symphony today to get a salad – thank you for the recommendation!

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