Cosa Buona

Ever since going gluten-free I really haven’t ventured out of my restaurant comfort zone. I like to stick to what’s safe, what I know will have plenty of options for me. But we’re taking My Cousin Finny (and his grandma) out to dinner, and he is not really cool with getting poke at Sweetfin or Macro Bowls at Cafe Gratitude. Finn is all about trying whatever is hot and new. At the top of his list: Cosa Buona in Echo Park.

The only option for me was the chopped salad, which is packed with salty salami and olives. Normally it comes with cheese, but I left it off. I heard they tend to overdress their greens, so I got the vinaigrette on the side –  good thing too, because my Aunt Gail’s Caesar Salad was drowning.

cosa buona restaurant

Finn and Gail also shared an order of meatballs. It comes with burrata on the side.

chopped salad with salami

The boys got pizzas. Abe stuck to a classic Margherita which he loved. Finn ordered a White Clam with Jalapeños, which he gave a B-. Finn is a tough critic.

cosa buona margherita and clam pizza

While we were eating this dinner I found out that Chrissy Tiegen is following me on twitter. I think the entire restaurant heard me freak out. I almost ate a bite of Tiramisu to celebrate. Almost. Finn wound up taking most of it down all by himself so I don’t think he hated it.

cosa buona tiramisu dessert

I found it strange that they charge for water here. Just stick to the flat if you like your seltzer really bubbly. Also, reservations can be tough but if you come at 5:30pm you should be fine – parking should be easier then, too!