The Church Key

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Sunday Brunch at The Church Key in WeHo, Los Angeles

I first ate one of The Church Key’s brioche donuts at a food event almost 3 years ago, and the memory of “I need to go there” stuck. When they invited me in to try brunch, I asked if I could bring a meat/carb eater with me (Melanie Maras!) since Abe and I have too many dietary restrictions. The menu is full of items like dutch baby pancakes, chicken and waffles, and a wonderful-sounding toad-in-the-hole Croque Madame.

Sunday Brunch at The Church Key in WeHo, Los Angeles

Chips and Guacamole

Abe ordered the Wet Breakfast Burrito. If you’re vegetarian, don’t make the same mistake he did. He asked for it without bacon – not realizing there’s also sausage in there.  Luckily it comes with an entire side of chips and guacamole, so he did not go hungry. We gave the leftovers to a very grateful man on the street.

Wet Burrito with eggs and sausage

I feel like almost every brunch I go to with Melanie, she orders an avocado toast. The Church Key’s version is the size of a small sailboat and has fennel, salmon, and mandarin oranges on top. Melanie asked for a fried egg on top. She also asked for a side order of crispy potato hash browns, some of the best ever.

Avocado Toast with Salmon, Fennel, Oranges and a Fried Egg

I asked for their Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad without croutons, and added chicken. It was the perfect gluten-free meal for a weekend brunch, but if I ordered it again I might ask for the dressing on the side. It’s super creamy.

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Chicken from The Church Key in West Hollywood

Of course, we had to order the brioche donuts. I didn’t have any, but both Abe and Melanie were impressed. Brown butter glaze, cinnamon caramel, plus a little milkshake shooter for maximum sugar shock.

Church Key's Brioche Donuts and Milkshake

I’ve heard the servers come around with push carts (like dim sum) at night. I’ll have to come back for dinner!

The Church Key:  8730 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA | Website


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  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    everything looks delicious, especially those donuts and guac and chips! how have you been feeling since going GF?

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