Double Dinner Date: Mare Silverlake

This meal is hosted.

The rain in Los Angeles has turned me into a total hermit.  I can’t seem to leave the coziness of my house, especially when there is so much good TV to watch.  But when we got an invite for a restaurant opening, we paused Planet Earth II and braved the possible sink holes for a double date dinner with Rachelle Wood and her husband Brandon.

The Place

Maré in Silver Lake.  Executive Chef Eric Greenspan, aka my Grilled Cheese Guru.

The Space

Unlike Maré on Melrose, you don’t have to sneak past the kitchen to a private doorway.  This restaurant is very much visible on the street, and is huge, decorated with candles, plants, and gorgeous wood/tile.  Brown butcher paper covers the tables, and our server informs us it will be a mess by the end of the night.  My kind of eating.

The Food

The menu isn’t humongous, but there are so many specials I feel overwhelmed with what to order.  We wind up getting a lot of plates to share – some are small and some are quite large (like a whole Branzino, with Fig Pomegranate Glaze).  Whenever you order their customizable shellfish and broth, you get unlimited pasta, tossed at the table with a 135-degree egg.  Even though there is a focus on seafood, there is no problem accommodating Abe’s vegetarian diet.

My favorites were two of the specials – Greek Yogurt and Pistachio Arancini with Saffron Aioli and Grilled Focaccia with Leek Fondue and Watercress.  The latter comes with chorizo, which we order on the side.  By the end of the meal, our table is indeed a mess.  Our server knowingly plops down a black napkin on top. Then, we enjoy a little dessert picnic, which includes Chocolate Chili Crepes, a Blood Orange Trifle, and Rose Meringues.

Maré Silverlake – 2609 Hyperion Avenue.  Official Site.


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