Hot Butterbeer and Avocado Toast

Lynn Chen and Morgan Chen at Universal Studios Hollywood

This is my first time hanging out with my big brother Morgan without kids in forever.  My big brother is the father of five, so when he comes to Los Angeles solo, I make sure to play hostess.  We go to the Hollywood premiere of Sing and get to see a live concert with Stevie Wonder, plus a show at Largo with Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann.

Food wise, Smorgasburg LA has me covered with the best bites.  My brother says this paratha taco (slow roasted pork belly, pickled red cabbage, chipotle mayo) from Goa Taco is one of the best things he has ever eaten.Goa Taco Paratha Taco at Smorgasburg LA

We also share some of this Hawaiian Shrimp Boat from my friend June’s Shrimp Daddy (<—-watch the live video)! It comes with macaroni, rice, and pineapple.

Shrimp Daddy Hawaiian Pineapple Shrimp Boat

Next, we head to Venice for the quintessential LA dish – avocado toast.  Believe it or not, Morgan has never had it before.  And of course, he digs it.  This version is from Superba Food and Bread – it has fresno chiles, radish sprouts, and cilantro.

Avocado Toast with Chiles from Superba Snack Bar

Even though one of my weekdays is packed with auditions, we find time to visit Universal Studios one morning so we can visit Harry Potter World

Honeydukes Candy Shop Harry Potter World Olivander's Wand Shop Harry Potter World

…and finally drink hot butterbeer!  Remember when I tried the frozen butterbeer and said they should make it warm?  My prayers have been answered!

Video: Hot Butterbeer and a Harry Potter Breakfast