Kreation Juice – Larchmont Village

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I’ve been in Austin, Texas all week.  Whenever I visit a new city I like to eat the local dishes, so we were munching on lots of Tex Mex, BBQ, and Chicken Fried Steak.  Now I’m back in Los Angeles, and I want juice, smoothies, and all the raw/vegan food.  Lucky for me, there’s a Kreation Juice in Larchmont Village, within walking distance.

Fresh Juices at Kreation Juice Larchmont Village

Raw Mason Jar Parfaits at Kreation Juice Larchmont

I actually first became aware of this place in Beverly Hills, when I visited their Juice ATM for a BuzzFeed Video.  Yes, the food is still expensive.  But you know – it’s all Farmers Market Certified Organic.  And how cute is that rainbow hummus in a jar?!

Along with juices and smoothies, you can get a bunch of ready-made sandwiches (like the vegan chicken wrap, below) or acai bowls.  These AmazeBowls are topped with strawberries, apples, bananas, bee pollen, raw honey, and gluten-free granola.   They both contain almond butter, too, which makes them extra rich and yummy.

Acai Bowls and Vegan Wraps at Kreation Juice Larchmont

Let’s be clear – you can definitely get this kind of stuff in Austin.  And Los Angeles also has it’s fair share of BBQ and tacos.  But I’m pretty sure this stuff tastes even better here, just because it feels like home.


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