My Cousin Finny: Blue C Sushi

This meal is hosted.

This is Finn.  You may remember the table read of Donutbird (the script he wrote at the age of 8).  Or more recently, his Bar Mitzvah.  At any rate, Finn is now my newest costar.  We are starting our new video series, My Cousin Finny, together at Blue C Sushi.

Finn Flackett Levin

I’ve actually blogged about this conveyor belt sushi place before, but this time we are trying out some foods off of their Japanese Robata Grill menu.  I get really excited about meat on a stick (this is their skirt steak) but they also have vegetables like corn…

corn skewer

…potatoes and shishito peppers too.

potatoes on a stick

vegetable skewers

So many vegetarian options for Abe!  String beans with sesame seeds…

vegetarian side dish


vegetarian blue c sushi

…and Potato Katsu, which are a lot like tater tots.

Japanese Tater Tots

There’s also an expanded dumpling menu.  We try both the vegetarian and pork…

Meat Dumplings

…and of course, a little sushi.  This is the chef’s special that day – Jalapeño Mouth.  Ha ha ha.

chef's special blue c sushi

I’m kind of blown away by this Matcha Green Tea Rice Krispie Treat.  In general, I am always surprised by the desserts here, considering they come off of a sushi train.

japanese dessert

Video: My Cousin Finny at Blue C Sushi


9 thoughts on “My Cousin Finny: Blue C Sushi

  1. Dawn

    Hahah! Finn is more adulty than me, and I’m 31!!! Please have him in more of your videos! Love the food excursions!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Thanks! Finn is 13 – he was born right before Abe and I got married. We did not do any rehearsing!

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