Umami Burger at The Grove

This meal is hosted.

This is my first time visiting Umami Burger at The Grove!  The Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Santa Monica locations that I frequent all have their own individual style.  This one is pretty neutral, with simple wood tables and chairs.

Umami Burger The Grove LA

Each restaurant has their own unique sandwich special, and the one featured at here is the Kinoko Burger.  They use portobello mushroom buns and stuff it with grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, parmesan, arugula, cherry tomato confit, goat cheese, and balsamic glaze.  Of course, it is pretty impossible to pick up with your hands so I’m cutting into it with a knife/fork.

I’m not paleo or gluten-free, but it seems like this dish may be perfect for either one of those diets?

Portobello Bun Chicken sandwich at Umami Burger The Grove

If you’re going to order chicken, though, make sure you don’t miss these Japanese Wings.  They fry it Karaage style by dunking soy marinated meat before frying.  Then finish it off with schichimi pepper mix, candied orange and red chili.

They kinda remind me of bat wings but trust me, they’re delicious.  Actually, how fun would this dish be on Halloween?

Japanese Karaage Fried Black Chicken Wings at Umami Burger

Japanese Karaage Fried Black Chicken Wings at Umami Burger

Still polishing off the summer corn here.  It comes with butter, lime, and a squeeze of cheese.  I love how the cob is split down the middle too – perfect for sharing with my lunch date, Camille Chen.

Umami Burger Corn on the Cob

We also have an order of not-your-everyday Roasted Brussels Sprouts with lardons, carrots, and shallots.  It has a truffle glaze too.

Umami Burger Brussels Sprouts

More chicken in the form of this Crispy Diablo – it’s a fried chicken breast with garlic aioli and diablo sauce.  With pickles and a carrot-y slaw for crunch.

Crispy Diablo Chicken Sandwich at Umami Burger

Last, but not least, an actual burger.  Well, at least, a mini one.  These are the gochujang and guava short rib sliders with some refreshing cucumber on top.

It’s a lot of food on their new expanded menu – I’m eating just a small bite of all of these dishes – and letting Camille take home the rest!
Umami Burger Mini Sliders

FYI the restaurant doesn’t validate, but the stores nearby do.  Camille and I do a little shopping afterwards, making it a pretty perfect mid-week afternoon.

This is a hosted meal.  More info about Umami Burger on their website.