Salt’s Cure Anti-Gridlock Menu

This meal is hosted by Salt’s Cure.

I’ve only been to Salt’s Cure once before, for brunch almost 5 years ago, but I still remember it fondly.  I didn’t go with Abe, because there wasn’t really anything a vegetarian could eat there.  Since then, they have moved, and their Anti-Gridlock menu (3-6pm Monday through Friday) is full of veggie-friendly bites.

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Abe came along this time as my official photographer and beer drinker.

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The menu is available at the bar.  I order a Chopped Salad with Pork Summer Sausage.  It also has cheese on top, so this is definitely the cure for any salt hankering you may have.

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An Avocado and Citrus Salad for Abe…

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….and a side of Perfect fries.  PERFECT.  Dip them in housemade ketchup.  They are only $5.

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There’s even something for the kids!  If you want to bring your child to a bar (no judgement).  A superb grilled cheese sandwich with Vermont aged cheddar oozing out.  It comes with a side of chilled tomato soup – Abe thinks it tastes like salad dressing because it’s tangy and cold.  Not in a bad way, just not a creamy cup like he was expecting.
Cheddar Salt's Cue

If you can’t afford the dinner, definitely check out this menu.  I do want to come back and experience their bacon cheeseburger.

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    1. Way of the Wong

      The cheeseburger is just $6 during anti-gridlock hour if you sit at the bar. It’s an awesome deal 🙂 Their prices are actually not that bad on the menu, but they butcher everything in house, so that chalkboard is just the fresh cuts that are available that night – so they’re extra special.

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