Fall Obsessions 2016

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Oh hello, fall.  Here you are already.  The transition in Los Angeles is slow, because it’s still so freaking hot out.  It’s time to whip up a batch of Pumpkin Ice Cream and start embracing Halloween.  Here is what I’m loving right now for autumn.curry paste, nail polish

Chili Paste in a Tube – Entube makes Harissa and Indian Curry Paste in a tube.  Kind of like those tomato paste tubes that you keep in the fridge – you use it when you want to add a flavor bomb to whatever you are cooking with.  I’ll squirt some into mayonnaise or mustard for a condiment with a kick, or add a dash to scrambled eggs if I just can’t handle facing the day and need a pick-me-up.  Pretty soon, they’ll release their Umeboshi flavor, which I’m especially excited about.  I use that stuff in Vinegar form right now to alkanize/balance myself after eating too much sugar.

Zoya Nail Polish in Britta – That’s the color you see above!  I would never think to pick this color but the folks at Can Can Parleur chose it for me at a recent mani/pedi session.  It’s got a metallic sheen to it and boy does it stay on.  I’ve had it on for over two weeks and it hasn’t chipped once.    Not bad for a vegan, toxic-free nail polish!

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Vine American Party Store – Before our No Kid Hungry Pancake Breakfast, Dawn McCoy asks me to stop somewhere and grab a couple balloons.  I’m near Vine American Party Store on Melrose, which is a mecca.  They not only have everything you would ever need to throw a soiree of any theme, but Halloween costumes too.  (Photo credit: Bernadette Low)

Rolla’s Skinny Stripe Shirt – The shirt I’m wearing above reminds me of a pajama top you can wear in public.  It’s made from 100% Viscose, the oldest man-made fiber.  It breathes well and it doesn’t matter if it gets wrinkly.  I’m becoming a big fan of this laid-back Australian clothing company – they also have a pair of denim overalls that I have my eye on.

Standard Shirt – While we’re on the subject of clothes, there’s something for the dudes too.  Standard Shirt Company makes high-quality, tailor-cut white button-downs.  They design dress shirts to wear to everything from work to weddings, at a price point ($59) where you can buy several as part of a uniform.

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Locali’s Vegetarian Reuben – I can’t believe it’s been six years since I first experience the wonder that is this sandwich.  Their Russian Dressing goes perfectly with the sauerkraut.  I asked for the recipe, but sadly they declined.  So I’ll just have to keep ordering it from Amazon Prime Now, which is so easy I may never cook again.

Indian Taco – This mashup between my favorite taco place Guisados and downtown hot spot Badmaash (I can’t believe I still have not gone) is definitely the most memorable dish at The Taste 2016.

Video: Mexican or Indian Taco?