Demitasse Hollywood Roastery and Kitchen

This meal is hosted by Demitasse.

After my latte art lesson at Demitasse Hollywood Roastery and Kitchen, we get treated to brunch on their outdoor patio.  Let the strawberry maple syrup flow!
Sweet Potato Pancakes yogurt spuma, strawberry maple syrup, sauce, brunch, hollywood

Subtle, sweet potato pancakes with dates and stuff that looks like whipped cream on top but is actually yogurt spuma (and my auto correct keeps wanting to call “yogurt puma”).

whipped cream, dates, salad,

I have a bite of that, and some of this Grilled Cheese Sandwich platter.  English cheddar, Asian Pear, Whole Grain Mustard.

hollywood, sweet potato, pancakes, salad, grilled cheese

On the end of the plate, some Namasu Pickles (which autocorrect is now insisting to be “Names Pickles”) are a Japanese method of quick pickling.

lunch, vegetarian, hollywood, los angeles, pickles, cheddar cheeseDemitasse, English Cheddar, Asian Pear

Both are very good, but it is very hot out, and I am lacking appetite.  I mostly pick at this Barley Salad, with Roasted Beets, Radishes, and Red Peppers.

Demitasse, Hollywood, cafe, beets, carrots, fennel Demitasse, Hollywood, cafe, beets, carrots, fennel

This is definitely some elevated coffee house food.  Stop by if you want something delicious but quick before going to see a movie at The Arclight in Hollywood.
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Demitasse Hollywood: 1542 N Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | Website


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    love that reflection of you and Abe! p.s. the grilled cheese bread crusts look a tad too dark. 😉

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