We Ate All the Pancakes at IHOP

This meal is hosted by IHOP and No Kid Hungry.


Okay, maybe we didn’t eat ALL the pancakes at IHOP.  But we sure did eat a lot of them.

I haven’t been to the restaurant in years but fondly remember their Grain and Nut Pancakes.  We did order a stack of them to share but I didn’t photograph it in time – because they were devoured so quickly!  Those were definitely my favorite, though I have to say, in general, all of the pancakes are solid.

A full stack of classic buttermilk pancakes (above) and their brand new Salted Caramel and Banana Criss-Croissant (below).  The latter is essentially croissant dough that was baked in a waffle iron and stuffed with things that belong on an ice cream sundae.  YEAH WE ATE THAT.

ihop, los angeles, breakfast

We also ordered chocolate chip pancakes…

IHOP, los angeles, chocolate chips, whipped cream

…Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes, The Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity (I’ve always wanted to say that out loud) in Blueberry….

blueberries, whipped cream, buttermilk pancakes, IHOP

…and Blueberry Crepes.

IHOP, Hollywood, California, Los Angeles, Breakfast

Who am I kidding, we ordered everything on the menu, pretty much.

pancakes, bacon, eggs

By “we” I mean Dawn McCoy and this incredible group of women she gathered for a Dine Out for No Kid Hungry Breakfast.  (You may remember Dawn is an Ambassador for the organization.)  This month, over 12,000 participating restaurants (like IHOP) are offering deals when their guests make donations.  Just $1 will feed a child 10 meals!   Yes I do realize that gorging on pancakes seems like a crazy way to raise awareness about ending hunger.  But we’re doing it for the children.  Just think of the children!


(Final Photo Credit:  Bernadette Low)