Perfect Plaid Shirt

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My go-to uniform since Junior High School has been the plaid shirt.  I grew up in the 90’s, after all – an oversized men’s flannel over some stirrup leggings is the perfect outfit for hanging out in parking lots and looking cute without freezing my ass off.  The PERFECT plaid shirt has been hard to find, and I’ve been looking since we went to Seattle last Christmas.

But I finally find one.  It’s soft.  The shape is tailored, but not too tight.  It’s not too long, so you don’t look like a total slob wearing it tucked out, but also not so short you can’t tuck it in. The buttons don’t fall off (important).

Plaid Shirt, Black Jeans, Black Motorcycle Boots, Motorcycle Jacket

RAILS shirt, J Brand Jeans, H&M Jacket, Marc Jacobs Boots

Perfect Plaid Shirt

We photograph these pictures on the stairs of Walt Disney Concert Hall last night, when the crowd began to disperse after LA Food and Wine.  I take my faux leather motorcycle jacket off after working up a sweat, dancing around to De La Soul.

Rails Plaid Shirt

Perfect Plaid ShirtWhile we’re talking about plaid shirts and concerts, I would like to share the story of my first mosh pit experience, in 1991.  For some reason, my usually strict parents allow me to go see Teenage Fan Club on a school night.  The concert is across the George Washington Bridge, and, it’s in the CITY.

Spending hours deciding what to wear, I ultimately throw my father’s only plaid dress shirt over a leotard and some jeans with canvas combat boots.   I make the rookie mistake of buying a T-Shirt and poster at the beginning of the show.  The latter gets a huge rip several hours later.  Also ripped up?  My upper lip!  Someone kicks me in the face while I’m thrashing about like a lunatic.  Causing my face to swell like I’d been stung in the mouth.

The next day, my mother lets me stay home from school.  But she also makes me get my passport picture taken.  For years, I have a photo of me looking half asleep, puffy.  I am still wearing my Dad’s plaid shirt over the Teenage Fan Club one.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Plaid Shirt

  1. Andrea@WellnessNotes

    I’ve heard so many good things about Rails flannel shirts and have been thinking about investing in one! Yours looks great!

    What a story about your first mosh pit experience! How funny that your mom made you take your passport photo the next day – I’m sure you got the reminder she intended you to get… 😉

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Hey Susan, sorry I’m just seeing this comment now! The color shirt I’m wearing is their Hunter Button Down Shirt.

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