Dog Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

Places to bring your pooch in the City of Angels.

Not a day goes by that I don’t snuggle up with my Jack Russell and tell him how special and loved he is.  Before I got him 12 years ago, I wasn’t really a dog person.  I mean, I like dogs fine, but I never want them to jump on me.  Or lick me.  Or sit on me.  I certainly didn’t think they were anything worth breaking vacation plans for.  Or spending hundreds of dollars on.  Until Julius Chenwald, of course.  And if I’m going to be 100% honest, I’m still not really a dog person.  I’m just psychotic about mine.  So in his honor, for National Dog Day (today), I’m going to help out all my fellow pooch parents and list the most dog friendly restaurants in our city that I can think of.

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  • Sqirl (pictured above) – Not only is it pet friendly, they have an entire Instagram Feed dedicated to the dogs who’ve dined there.  Julius included!
  • MessHall Kitchen – They’re actually actively celebrating National Dog Day on their patio with special treats for your four-legged friends.
  • The Trails – I can’t believe I have never done a proper blog post about one of my favorite places in Los Angeles for over the last decade.  This is where the quiche in my Pies Around the World Video is from.  Also, it’s in Griffith Park, so you can actually go hiking beforehand and grab a slice afterwards.
  • The Sycamore Kitchen – This is my go-to meeting place for people who have toddlers who like to run around – the space is enormous.  I imagine it’s comfortable for dogs to hang out in, too.
  • Fat Dog – If they name a place after a dog, you know they’re welcome!  Often we’ll come here at night for drinks with friends, and the place will crawling with canine cuties.
  • Terrine – The day we went for lunch, there was an adorable corgi barking his head off the entire time.  But the place is French, so nobody cared.

What are some of your favorite spots to bring your dog?  How will you be celebrating today?


5 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Restaurants in Los Angeles

  1. Ellen

    Happy National Dog Day to you guys! In all honestly I’ve always been a cat person but maybe I just haven’t met my Julius;)
    As for good dog places my friends were obsessed with takin their pups to Zinc in the arts district. I believe it is on Mateo…

  2. Yoshiko Yeto

    Happy belated National Dog Day to Julius! Some of my favorite dog-friendly restaurants are Yuko Kitchen, Yellow Fever, Olson’s Deli, Valerie Echo Park, Wax Paper Co, American Tea Room, Shake Shack, Gjelina Take Away, and Gjusta. Also Sweet Rose Creamery often gives me a tiny sample of ice cream for my dog free of charge.

    I’ve been told that the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax allows dogs, but I haven’t tried taking my pup there yet. I’m a little hesitant to do that since I have a tiny dog, and I’m afraid she’ll get stepped on since it’s so crowded there.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I love these tips – thank you Yoshiko! I have taken Julius to The Grove but never inside the Farmers Market. Can’t wait to try more off this list!

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