Burger Toppings

There’s been a theme in my life this past week: Burger Toppings.  You would think it’s pretty simple, but I’ve learned there is definitely an art to dressing a hamburger.

There is also an art to dressing a dress.  Did you know motorcycle boots are the perfect footwear to a summer dress?  I would have never known until I stepped into the kitchen (had to keep the toes covered) for a Facebook Live video at Burgerim for Tastemade’s Facet Page.

sundress, sunglasses, clare v bag, blue, red, white

Back to the burgers.  As you can see from the video (scroll to the end), the key to a burger’s success is all about the sauce, yet still containing the classics: lettuce, tomato, and onion.
merguez, hamburger, melrose, los angeles, sesame bun, tomato, onion

I got some more “formal” training from my buddy Chef Bruce Kalman (who’s from the same county as me in NJ!) at a media preview night for LA Food and Wine, which runs August 25-28.  Check out my recap of last year’s Opening Night!

The evening was in collaboration with NFL Homegating, so we were divided into two teams and coached on how to create the best burger.  They had every topping you could imagine, from a plethora of cheeses to spicy caramelized pineapple.

iPhone, camera, Jax Tranchida, Stir and Style

I joined forces with June Quan (aka Stir and Style) to create this masterpiece – a beef patty on a brioche bun, with a pumped up Thousand Island Dressing (ketchup, mayonnaise, dijon mustard, horseradish), bacon, smoked blue cheese, pickles.  Coach Bruce advised us to add some arugula to balance out the heaviness.
brioche bun, hamburger, bacon, blue cheese

As you’ll see in the video, our burger building wound up with an additional floor (thank God for skewers).  So what did the judges (Eddie Lin, Jax Tranchida, and James Velarde) think?

VIDEO: Mini Burger Challenge


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