Munchery Plaid Box

In the last year, we’ve been ordering from Munchery pretty regularly – I like the rotating selection and have found the site to be easy to navigate.  Also, the food’s really good!


The Munchery Plaid Box recently launched – it’s a lot like Blue Apron, except you can order it the same day – no membership required.  Hilah Johnson and I talked about this in my latest podcast episode.


The bag arrives with all the ingredients and an apron – I love that it’s not filled with dry ice because that stuff scares me.   We made two vegetarian dinners – a Falafel Sandwich with Cabbage Cole Slaw…


…and Tacos with Mushrooms/Peppers.  Both turned out really good (Abe liked the falafel better) but took longer than 15 minutes.  On the plus side, there were lots of leftovers – enough for 3 people, for sure.

Vegetarian-Tacos-Munchery-Cooking-Kits Avocado-Taco-Munchery-Cooking-Kits

We did a Facebook Live video where we made this dish…


…I had to cut it short because it was taking too long and we were running out of battery.  But as you can see, everything turned out just fine!


This link gets you $20 off your first order – I get $20 too!  FYI Munchery sent me the cooking kits to try, but this is not a sponsored post. 


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