Four Days of Maine Travel

I haven’t been to Texas lately, but I can tell you that everything is definitely bigger in this state!  Here is my Maine Travel recap.


We spend four days in the cold cold rain.  I survive in a fleece that I buy from the outlet store on the first day, plus the LL Bean jacket I bring with me.  I do not get to wear any of the cute summer clothes I pack!

Other than the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (above), we visit a couple cute little towns, like Camden, Boothbay Harbor, and Bath.  To be honest, it is so cold I just sit in the car for most of it.  But we have a blast just driving by.


Of course, there is lobster to be eaten!  I capture a lot of it in our Maine travel vlog.  Highlights include a trip to the store Wicked Whoopies, where they have whoopie pies (the State dessert).  They make mini ones, but also ones that are so large I can sleep on them.

We made a bunch of videos this trip (including the real reason we went – my return to band camp) so subscribe to my YouTube or Facebook Channel if you don’t want to miss them!

Video: Whoopie Pies and Lobster in Maine


2 thoughts on “Four Days of Maine Travel

  1. Jing

    I spent the best summer of my life, almost 10 years ago now, as a museum intern in Maine. Living in a swank guesthouse on a private island with no cell reception or Internet, kayaking out to see the seals before work and walking the dogs through the woods! I got all my food from little farmstands and the general store. It was real small-town fun like an 80s movie, complete with almost confounding lack of ethnic diversity.

    Looking forward to more Maine posts! Living in LA, I would love to relive those 70f days.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I love this, Jing! You’re right – I did feel like I was stuck in the 80’s there. Total time warp.

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