Knuckle and Claw Santa Monica

This meal is hosted.

Knuckle and Claw Santa Monica has opened!  You may remember I’m a big fan of their location in SilverLake.

knuckle and clawThe feel is similar to the original, a little larger with a larger back patio.  It totally reminds me of being in Maine!  They also have an expanded menu that includes Whoopie Pie and Salads.knuckle and claw menu

blue crab salad

dungeness crab roll

crab salad

Anna Gilbert Zupon (and baby Maya!) help me sample a Dungeness Crab Mini Roll, the Salad with Blue Crab, and some Corn Chowder.

corn chowder

Of course, we order a Lobster Roll.   Maya actually has her very first taste of lobster meat, and no surprise, she loves it.  Girl’s got good taste.

seafood lunch

I even got their lobster roll recipe!  It is the perfect combination of mayonnaise and butter, with their seafood seasoning on top.

lobster rolls

Obviously, this is a great casual place to bring kids and a group of people.  Especially those from the east coast who miss it.  Even though it’s a bit expensive, I feel like their sandwiches are worth the money – and they’re a good size, too, unlike the teeny tiny ones you get from other places in Los Angeles.