A Day at Dartmouth

I spent almost as much time traveling to/from Dartmouth than I actually did on campus.  The trip was quick, but Lisa Lee and I had a lot of fun exploring.

thick dumpling skin

We stayed at The Hanover Inn, a really lovely hotel, smack dab in the middle of everything.
dartmouth car

I love exploring libraries – probably because I spent more time goofing off in them than studying during my time at Wesleyan.
dartmouth library

The Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL) held a brunch for us, where I ate a lot of veggies.


Mid-day snack at Morano Gelato.  Their stuff is really legit.  One of the students I met, Victoria, did an in-depth video about them.


Dark Chocolate + Banana = Heaven
morano gelato

After our keynote speech (thanks to all who came!) there was a reception with dumplings of all shapes and sizes, everywhere from India to China and Thailand.


My husband Abe and I met in college, so I always think of him whenever I’m on a campus.  Crazy that if we had a kid then, (s)he’d be old enough to attend Dartmouth.

dartmouth green

P.S. Remember my friends Jennifer Alden and Kirk Spahn’s wedding I recently attended?  They both went to Dartmouth and were featured in the NY Times’ Vows Section last weekend.