SodaStream Power

SodaStream is probably the kitchen appliance we use the most; back when Abe first reviewed it in 2009, we had to convince people how life changing it was – No more lugging bottles of seltzer! Less recycling!  Today, pretty much all of our friends/family have one, and over the years, we have watched the design keep improving.  I knew it was time for an upgrade, so I reached out to the company – they sent me the SodaStream Power to review.

SodaStream Power

I haven’t been able to stop singing this song since it arrived.  The power comes from an electric cord, which automatically fizzes the water according to your preferred level of low/medium/high carbonation.

We live in a high carbonation household.

soda maker


You no longer have to screw the bottle into the machine – just push it up and press a button once.  When it’s done, the SodaStream sings a song.  (I’m determined to have a kitchen orchestra, between this and my Zojirushi Rice Cooker.)

seltzer soda maker

The same lovely water, just a lot more pleasant to use and look at.  We are pretty much SodaStream customers for life, and I can’t wait to see what they invent in another 7 years.


2 thoughts on “SodaStream Power

  1. Deb Donig

    Awesome!!! I bought one about five years ago, and am thinking I may also upgrade. Worth it?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      It is definitely more beautiful to look at, but my husband says the old one fizzed better.

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