Cold Foods to Cool You Down

Cold Foods to help you beat the heat in Los Angeles.

We’re having a little heat wave right now in Los Angeles – when I was a kid and spent summers in Asia, they would always give us hot tea to drink.  I know there’s science behind it but it never made me feel better – and I have to say, even when I was in Taiwan last year, I still drank iced boba tea and ate shaved ice.  So here’s some LA places where you can find some cold foods to cool you down.

Juice and Smoothie

We all know I’m eating melon first thing in the morning, so my lunches kinda look like everyone else’s breakfast.  Smoothies are my favorite – I don’t really have a recipe other than throwing whatever I have in the freezer/fridge into a blender.  Nekter Juice Bar makes a really tasty dragon fruit version – they also do amazing acai bowls, another hot weather staple.  The one below is from The Venice Whaler

acai bowl

…and this one is from Rawberri.  It comes with CoCo Whip (frozen coconut water) on top.


Speaking of non-dairy frozen treats, Pressed Juicery’s Frozen Juice is just about the greatest invention ever.  My mother-in-law Wendy might tell you differently (she’s obsessed with her Yonanas, which makes frozen banana soft serve).

Pressed Juicery

Cold Noodles!  I actually make a Peanut Butter version at home quite often.  But just down the street from me are the best (vegan!) Korean Noodles.  Button Mash also does a refreshing bowl that includes watermelon.

cold korean vegan soy noodles

Ice Cream and Gelato, of course.  Probably what I eat more often than anything else.  Someone at the Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival asked me what I liked more – Salt and Straw or McConnells.  I couldn’t decide, but it did make me realize that I need to make another entirely separate, dedicated list.

mcconnells ice cream cone

What do you like to eat when it’s hot out?