Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I have been hearing rumors that Universal Studios Hollywood is soft-opening the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before the grand unveiling on April 7th.   So on Wednesday morning I check Instagram to see if people are taking photos there, and they are!

“ABE!  The Butterbeer is flowing – let’s go!”


You have never seen me walk so fast through a parking lot.


I don’t actually drink any, because there is a really long line and I’m not a fan of juices/soda in general.  But I get a report from a worker on what Butterbeer tastes like: “A combination of shortbread and butterscotch.”  You can get it in cold, soda form or colder, slushy style.  There is Pumpkin Juice, as well.

pumpkin juice

We buy a California Resident Annual Pass, which means you can come back anytime except for the blackout dates.  I like the idea of coming back one night, when the crowds have died down, and just having dinner at Three Broomsticks.  NBD.

harry potter universal hollywood

The place is crowded, but not nearly as bad as when we leave – there seems to be a timed admission system happening.  The wait for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is long…
harry potter

…but there is so much to see, I don’t care.

pensieve sorting hat

The ride (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey) is a lot of fun, but I feel sick during the 3-D parts.  Just close your eyes, you’ll be fine.  Also, we experience technical difficulties near the end and hang, suspended in air.  Which is kinda cool but only because it was for a few minutes.  If it had lasted longer than 20, I would have started hyperventilating.

There’s a roller coaster, too, which I skipped because I’m retired.

harry potter universal studios

The shops were packed, and full of fun things too…
harry potter book

…shoutout to my girl Cho Chang!

harry potter wand

Our final stop is Honeydukes Sweet Shop…

honeydukeshoneydukes chocolate

…here’s a look inside.

VIDEO: Harry Potter Candy at Honeyduke’s Sweets Shop


5 thoughts on “Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. A

    I went to the one in Orlando a few years ago and it looks like the Hollywood version is the exact same replica!

    Totally feel you on the forbidden journey ride – I def felt a bit motion sick with the 3D action that was going on…it was intense!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Oh good, I’m relieved to hear it’s the same – when we were in Orlando years ago we wanted to go but just couldn’t make it!

  2. Courtney of Savor Good

    you look so happy at honeyduke’s! did you taste anything from there?

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