Trader Joe’s April Fools Day

Trader Joe’s April Fools Day 2016 – I will never forgive them.

I have never liked April Fools Day.  Why?  BECAUSE I AM ALWAYS THE FOOL!  Today Trader Joe’s April Fools Day trick is announcing they’re going to close all of their stores.

This is what happened in my head: “Okay.  That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but okay.  Don’t panic.  Stay calm.  There are other places to buy ginger chews.  NO THERE AREN’T NOT LIKE TRADER JOES DOES THEM.”  I began to hyperventilate.  I began to think of all the memories.

Trader Joe's Brownies

Gluten-Free Brownies

Well, as I found out seconds later on my Facebook Page, it is an April Fools Day prank.  And suddenly I was filled with an anger and rage I haven’t felt since I was in sixth grade and my brother told me his friend Richie thought my braces were cute and then screamed “April Fools Day, Metal Mouth!” into my hopeful face.  It took a month to smile again.

At any rate, it’s a good thing I’m off to see my therapist right now because I need her.

Here’s me and Trader Joe’s during happier times.  This is one of my first BuzzFeed Videos, before they let people show their faces on camera!  I still make the Mac and Cheese + the Indian Nachos constantly.

Video: Trader Joe’s Mashups You Can Make Right Now


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