Donut Farm

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Pepple’s Donut Farm has been serving vegan, organic donuts since 2007 in Oakland.  They recently opened a shop in Los Angeles (Silver Lake) simply called “Donut Farm.”

leslie durso

Leslie Durso was invited for a tasting and I tagged along as her plus one.

bunnie reissdonut farm cups

ALL OF THE DONUTS.  Here are the ingredients, in case you wanna know.

donut farm menu

Unlike Fonuts, they are not gluten-free, and they are not baked.  Fried!  Like, you know, real doughnuts.

donut signs

We got Blueberry, which was Leslie’s favorite…

blueberry donut

…Mexican Hot Chocolate (which was mine)…

donut farm

…Bananas Foster, and Candy Cap, which is a type of mushroom.
vegan donuts

Yes, we ate a mushroom donut.  Because we are bonkers like that.  You can sorta tell – okay, TBH I couldn’t at all, it just tasted like maple with an indistinguishable aftertaste, but Leslie could because she’s got that crazy chef palate.

chef leslie durso

There’s also a vegan coffee bar with hot chocolate and fair-trade, organic McLaughlin Coffee.
vegan hot chocolateiced coffee

I liked them a lot – they’re cake-y and a manageable size.

instagram donuts


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