Super Deluxe’s CARING Web Series

Behind the Scenes shooting the Super Deluxe’s CARING web series.

I’m currently shooting Super Deluxe’s Caring, a web series!  Here are my co-stars Hannah Dunne and Diana DeLaCruz.  Not pictured are the fabulous Mickey Sumner and my very good friend Corey Brill.

caring cast

It’s been a really fun shoot to work on.  Most of the crew is female, from the director to the director of photography.  There is a lot of prop food on set.  Mostly kid’s food, because the show is about moms and their nannies.

prop foodgrilled cheese

I watched Diana cut a lot of cheese yesterday.  String cheese, people, string cheese!

kid snacks

I’m not really photographing the actual stuff I’ve been eating, although I did snap a shot of this lunch at Echo Park Lake.  Catering is pretty standard for a shoot of this size – meaning it’s not great, but it’s not terrible.

echo park lake

This is what my meals look like when I’m working – mostly veggies, a piece of protein, and a couple of carbs.  On this particular day I’m eating a lot of the salad, some BBQ Chicken, and potato wedges.

set lunch

You can see more behind-the-scenes on Facebook (where we did my makeup in my first live video).  You can now watch the entire series, for free, online here!


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