Black Heels

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I don’t wear heels.  I just don’t.  I own a lot of pairs, and they’re often very colorful and crazy because I either acquired them from Clothing Swaps or on sale.  I wear them for about 10 minutes for an audition, or a meeting, and then they are off.  I don’t even wear them on the red carpet.  But the time has come for me to finally buy a pair of black heels.

black heels

I know – you’re thinking, “HOW CAN YOU NOT OWN A PAIR OF BLACK HEELS?!?”  Well, I honestly don’t know.  Every single time I have a costume fitting, they ask me to bring my black pumps and I must sheepishly confess that won’t be possible.

madewell shoes

I got these Madewell Mira Suede Heels from Shopbop, (who is having their Spring Sale going on right now).  They weren’t too expensive and they aren’t too uncomfortable.  But that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable, either.  I literally only wear them for auditions and then take them off the second I’m done.

If you have a pair of black heels you love, please share.  I’m still looking for the perfect ones, but these will have to do until then.



7 thoughts on “Black Heels

  1. Viola

    I have a pair of Stuart Weitzman peep toe heels but they’re actually super comfortable because there’s a little platform (not a crazy one like we see currently, more like a 40’s style one) and the heel isn’t a stiletto, again, more vintage-y.

    I actually got them at a Nordstrom Rack for like $75 (which was a LOT to me for a pair of Rack shoes!) but I’ve worn them more than any other black heel I have. And they’re like 10 years old now and still in great condition.

    Obviously those wouldn’t be available, but it does speak well of the brand!

  2. hilah

    Aw, man. I used to have the most magical pair of Etiene Aigner black patent leather pumps with the perfect heel height — just about 2 inches — to make me feel strutty (not slutty!) but without hurting my old knees. I wore them into the ground and haven’t found a suitable replacement.

  3. Lez

    Hmm, seems like my comment didn’t go through? Aww shucks!

    Either way, I recommended that you look into a shoe with a stacked heel! I think they’re fabulously chic and off more support (therefore more comfortable!) than the conventional pencil-thin heel.

    My personal favorite is the Chelsea Crew Romina Black wedge and the Chelsea Crew Pami Black heel.

    Hope this helps! =D

  4. Trudy

    Rockport! Their soles use the same technology as adidas sports shoes or something. super comfortable! I can wear my 4 inch heels for 8 hours each day,stand, walk, and run in them, no problem.

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