Inari Sushi with Spelt

One of my favorite things to order in Japanese restaurants in Inari Sushi – fried tofu pouches filled with marinated rice.  The other day I am at the grocery store in Koreatown and make an impulse buy.

tofu pouch

This particular brand of soy bean curd pockets (Aburaage) comes ready to go.  It’s also swimming in all kinds of sauce (mostly soy sauce and corn syrup) so I use a tablespoon of that to season some leftover cooked spelt berries (we didn’t have sushi rice at home).


Stuffed into the pockets…
inari sushiinari spelt sushiaburage

…and eaten as a quick afternoon snack.  It is definitely different – the spelt is chewier and harder, not soft and pillowy.

spelt tofu

Pretty sure I’m the only one who has ever done this, or at least admitted doing so.