The Easiest Way to Freeze Parsley

How to freeze parsley?  This is the easiest way.

Fresh herbs are important.  They’re gonna add color.  They’re gonna add flavor.  They’re gonna make you feel like you can justify spending $200 on a knife.  However, I never need the whole bunch that is sold in supermarkets.  Supposedly it’s easy to grow your own fresh herbs.  I tried, in 2009 with the help of professionals.  I was optimistic.  I failed.  So I’ve started to freeze parsley.

Now, I’ve yet to try this with other herbs like cilantro (I know some of you cilantro haters are cringing right now) but this method of rolling it up into a log is the easiest.  It’s even simpler than freezing it into ice cubes/with oil.

IMG_7205 IMG_7206

Essentially, all you do is stuff the clean, dry leaves into the bottom of a plastic zip lock bag.  Then, roll the bag up, squeezing out all the air.  Finally, secure with a rubber band.


Snip off a chunk and use in sauces or hot dishes when you are ready.   I used some to garnish a bowl of Crockpot Coconut Curry Lentil Soup and it is fine, but I do not recommend adding it to a salad or something raw.  It’s a bit limpy.



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