New Ways to Eat Ice Cream

Forget the bowl, cup, or cone.  Churro Ice Cream and other new ways to eat your frozen dessert.

Let’s talk about ice cream, shall we?  We all know how fun churros can be.  Imagine how incredible a churro ice cream sandwich is.

Lynn Chen Churro

Especially when they’re baked fresh to order and paired with really excellent ice cream.
Churro Burrough Ice Cream

We got this little guy at Churro Borough (in the old Paradis and Ramekin space).  It was perfect – hot and cold, slightly crunchy and extra creamy.

Churro Burrough

Over in Koreatown, we visited CottonHi.  If you’ve never had cotton candy with your ice cream before, I suggest you don’t.  It’s a bit too much.  You can see my reaction to this treat on BuzzFeed!

Cotton Candy Soft Serve Ice Cream

I recently got a delivery from my favorite, Salt and Straw, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  All the love.  All the chocolate flavors from local LA chocolatiers – Compartes, Ococoa, Twenty-Four Blackbirds, and Bar au Chocolat.  (FYI Portland stores you have different options).  Of course, I’m just digging in with a spoon (er, scoop – which, by the way WAS filled with liquid once it defrosted) but here are some new ways to eat ice cream that I’ve discovered.

Video: Salt and Straw Chocolate Ice Cream for Valentine’s Day


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  1. Courtney of Savor Good

    that churro masterpiece! (insert heart eyes emoji) still need to try salt & straw someday. happy heart day to you!

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