Ladies Lunch: Hanjip BBQ

This meal is hosted.

I live right by Koreatown, where I’ve eaten my fair share of incredible Korean BBQ.  Hanjip opened in Culver City last November.  And the promise of high quality ingredients from restaurant folks I greatly admire (Seoul Sausage, Terrine, Viviane) gets me curious about venturing outside my neighborhood.

Hanjip BBQ

Plus, they invite me for lunch.  How do you say no to lunch?  I gather up some fellow carnivores (Rachael/Sara from The Shepod + new friend Mary-Alice) for a mid-week treat.

The Shepod

I leave Abe home.  There is nothing vegetarian about this.

BrisketKorean BBQ

Along with the brisket, we have a big pile of sweet, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

Korean Ribs

There is dried squid in the banchan that changes my mind about eating mollusks.

Hanjip BBQHanjip BBQ

Also, I’m starting to appreciate Uni (if you’ve listen to my podcast with Lisa Lee you’ll know what I’m talking about).  It is dotted on top of this spectacular Poke Bowl (Tuna, Salmon Roe)…

Poke Bowl with Uni Poke Bowl

…and bubbly custard egg.

Steamed Egg with Uni Egg and Uni

I’m also not familiar with the flavors/textures of bone marrow, which is dripping into this bowl of cheesy corn.  It’s buttery and super rich.

Bone Marrow Corn Bone Marrow Corn

My favorites are the Kimchi Fried Rice, with brown butter in a piping hot tin…

Kimchi Fried Rice

…and the Fried Chicken Katsu.  Warms my soul just thinking about it.
Chicken Katsu Chicken Katsu

This is probably my favorite Korean BBQ experience because I don’t leave feeling too full – a common occurrence at AYCE places.  Lots and lots (and lots) of leftovers.


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