Binge Watch/Mindfully Munch: Felicity

Re-watching Felicity with Keri Russell – here’s the food from the show you’ll want to eat while binge watching it.

If you follow me on Snapchat (username @mslynnchen), you know I’ve spent the last few weeks (intensely) binge-watching all 4 Seasons of Felicity.  83 episodes.  I actually felt depressed when it was all over.

If I could go back to the cafe today, I’d stock up on muffins/croissants.  Here’s a grocery list in case you feel like watching too.

  • Little Pieces of Round Candy – I’m not sure if they were Skittles, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, or Runts, but Elena had a study technique that had me craving sweets.
  • Beets – The main ingredient in Megan’s “Smart Powder.”  They made Noel act silly.
  • Pizza – Typical freshman dorm food.
  • Mallomars – Part of Felicity’s care package from Todd Mulcahy, the guy who got hit by a bus. (Oh, did you forget about him?  I had, too.)
  • Thanksgiving Food – Why didn’t anyone ever go home to their families on the fourth Thursday of November?  Like, ever?
  • Mochas + Cappuccinos – Back in the day, nobody was ordering Flat Whites or Macchiatos from Dean and Deluca.
  • Smoothaise – Sean’s condiment craze.  I’m dying for the recipe.
  • Cereal – Sean’s Milk-less Lact-O’s, specifically.
  • Bagel with Peanut Butter – Ben likes it this way, Noel does not.  I am, as usual, Team Ben.
  • Ice Cream – Felicity ate her emotions a lot.  Celebrations with ice cream.  Ice Cream breakups.  And of course, the part I remember the most was the use of the Sarah McLachlan song on the rooftop with Ben.  Hulu (which I have so many problems with it deserves its own blog post) has robbed future generations from experiencing the joy of that scene by using other background music – I guess they couldn’t get the rights to it.

Felicity and Noel Ice Cream

P.S. Drinking Game – every time someone on the show says, “Hey, can I talk to you for a second?”

P.P.S. It was fun to see my friend Keiko Agena in several episodes – and yay for her Gilmore Girls reunion!


5 thoughts on “Binge Watch/Mindfully Munch: Felicity

  1. Viola

    I’ve never seen a single episode! I don’t have Hulu right now though, just Netflix & HBONow. Hmm. Also, I HATE when they use other music. I know it’s about rights and whatnot but often the song just makes the scene, I remember years ago renting The Great Gatsby at Blockbuster (yes it was VHS. I did say years ago!) and the soundtrack was completely different. The soundtrack was my main reason for loving that movie! I was so pissed.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I’m not sure Felicity would hold up for folks who weren’t attached to them when they were younger!!!

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