Seattle Trip + Rainbow Grilled Cheese

Note: We made this sandwich before the Rainbow Grilled Cheese internet craze hit.  This recipe does not involve dying the cheese all sorts of crazy colors.  Instead, we are using fresh ingredients to represent the different colors of the rainbow.  This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting the blog!

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

In case you haven’t heard, it’s raining in LA.  Which makes me want to eat a Rainbow Grilled Cheese. I went to the master, Eric Greenspan, and together we made one perfect for this weather.  The details are on BuzzFeed Now,  52 seconds in.

Video: Grilled Cheese with all the colors of the Rainbow for BuzzFeed

What to do in Seattle.

Of course, this weather reminds me of our recent vacation in Seattle.  I spent that entire trip in these shoes (a free SWAG gift) by Bogs.  Honestly, I was skeptical about them.  But I’m happy to report that they are pretty much the best rain boots, ever.  I spent three days stomping around all over that hill-y city with dry, warm feet that didn’t require any break-in time.

Also, don’t let the laces fool you – you can just pull the boots on/off.  Extra shout out to the really good umbrellas from The Alexis hotel!  This photo is in front of the Seattle Public Library, a must-visit in my opinion.

Seattle Public Library

Other random things you should do to prep for Seattle:

  • Read: Where’d You go Bernadette by Maria Semple.  I actually haven’t read it yet, but Abe devours this book in a few days and loves it.
  • Learn: To park parallel.  Backwards.  On a steep hill.  I feel like I would have to go back to driving school to be able to maneuver some of these spots!
  • Watch: Singles (so you can visit the locations).  We go to the apartment building complex which gives me chills.  I even snap a photo, tweet it, and CAMERON CROWE likes it.

Video: Seattle in 60 Seconds


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