Seattle Food: Sips and Bites

Seattle Food – from Coffee to Piroshky

Catching up on my Seattle posts! No coffee for me (as usual) but I consume many tasty treats and noodies.  Parisian style at Belle Epicurean where many sweet buns are sampled…

Belle Epicurian

…and a savory one I split with Abe – this is their Ratatouille Sandwich on a Rosemary Pesto Brioche Bun.

Ratatouille Sandwich

Over at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (you can watch them make it from scratch) we get a Breadzel, which is good, but not as cheesy as expected.

Cheese Pretzel

Stumple upon a place called Pie and HAVE to go in.  Abe has a broccoli cheddar one, while I scarf down a bowl of meaty soup.  Little mini guys for dessert.

Pie Seattle

I am super excited to try the baked goods at Piroshky Piroshky – I’ll have more footage in an upcoming video, but you can just tell from the window (and the line/heavenly smell outside) that this is a Seattle must-eat.


We split two – a savory Mushroom/Potato…

…and an Apple Cinnamon Roll.  Both are terrific; I really wish we had scored some hot ones.

Apple Piroshky

Lovely lunch at the charming neighborhood spot Volunteer Park Cafe – Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup for me.  The communal table is packed so I don’t photograph the surroundings; there is homemade jam on the counter that we slather on the bread.

Volunteer Park Cafe

Their Cookie of the Day – “Old Herman” – Pistachios, Dried Cranberries, and White Chocolate Chips.  Chewy and perfect.

Old Herman Cookie

Our boutique hotel (The Alexis) has a happy hour with free wine/appetizers – and hot chocolate!  Don’t worry, Abe drinks plenty of java.  He loves the brews at Cherry Street Coffee House and Storyville.  He also has some Starbucks at the airport and reports it tastes the same as it does at LAX.

Cherry Street Coffee


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    and it’s neat that that each of the cherry street locations (as seen on their website) have their own vibe – hope to visit seattle again someday!

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