Netflix and Chilly: Jessica Murnane

Jessica Murnane from One Part Podcast shares her favorite things to watch and eat.

Since it’s officially cold, I grant us all permission to snuggle under the covers all day, binge on Netflix, and eat in bed.  You all know what I’m watching/eating, now I’m asking some of my favorite Content Creators to share their current favorites.  These are their words, and their photographs.


Who – Jessica Murnane.  Wellness advocate, podcast host (listen to me on her show!) and soon-to-be cookbook author of One Part Plant (HarperCollins/Harper Wave 2017). Find tons of recipes on One Part Podcast show.


What She’s Watching – My Netflix list née queue is all over the damn place. I really like to choose shows that have at least two seasons, so I can truly binge. Here’s some of my favorites. Dreamland is a show about an urban planning office in Australia. The humor is dry, scarcastic, and a little off-beat. It’s sorta like The Office, but not trying to be The Office. 30 For 30 is the best documentary collection of all time. Period. These films are inspiring, shocking, and touching (sometimes all three). But avoid Benji, unless you want to cry on the couch all night. The Great British Baking Show is the best! Unlike most food competition shows, all of the contestants are sweet and kind to one another and it’s not edited for drama. Most importantly, they make crazy-delcious looking desserts.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood is a show that I have no idea why I started watching. It’s a reality-show spoof on the Housewives series starring Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, J.B. Smooth (favorite!), and Nelly. I’m not even sure if this is even a good recommendation…but I watched every single episode because there’s something endearing about it! We’re not talking layered Game Of Thrones plot lines here. Basically, you can also catch up on all your magazines while watching.

What She’s Eating – Right now I am writing a cookbook, so I feel like all I eat is my recipe testing leftovers. I think I “tested” about 5 of these peppermint patties on the couch the other night. When I’m not eating leftovers, I’ve been really into making big fat sandwiches. I love spreading a mound of Kite Hill on a piece of toast and load it up with cucumbers, radishes, and sprouts. I also really dug this Pesto Collard Sandwich with Sweet Potatoes + Mushrooms (add a side of baked tater tots and a cozy blanket and it’s the best night ever). If I’m talking my Ultimate Fantasy Netflix & Chill Night…Gracias Madre (CA), TILL (OH), and Handlebar (CH) opened locations down South and they deliver a buffet to my couch… where I’m wearing a caftan, sipping my second paloma, and watching my third 90’s holiday movie.


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