Neighborhood Gem: Vernetti

Appetizers and dessert in this meal are comped.

I almost don’t want to write this post.  I’ve only eaten at Vernetti once before, but it’s kinda my new favorite place.  And I kinda don’t want to share my secret.

Vernetti Dinner

Then again, you all need to know about some of the best Italian food I’ve eaten in Los Angeles.  It’s only fair.

Food Blogging

I’ll start at the beginning.  Normally, I wouldn’t fill up on bread.  But I did, because it’s excellent.


Eat it with the house-made Giardiniera…


…and use the extra slices for any extra house-cured salmon, with chive goat cheese and capers.
Cured Salmon Salmon

Gnocchi di Spinachi.  Chef/Owner Steve Vernetti is looking for a way to make this gluten-free.  I’m just grateful I can tolerate flour.  And butter.

Spinach Gnocchi

The ricotta in the middle is house-made, as is their pasta.  THEIR MAGNIFICENT PASTA.

Mushroom Pasta

Rich Pappardelle con Funghi (above) with cream/parm.  Linguini with Clam Sauce (below) – Slam Dunk.

Linguini with Clam Sauce

More seafood, compliments of the Chef.  White Mussels (the dinner special)…

…and Grilled Octopus (Steve has tenderizing tricks, maybe he’ll share in a future YouTube video), over a bed of creamy white beans – served with fennel/cabbage slaw.


And if meat is your thing, the fall-off-the-bone Osso Buco will make you cry tears of ecstasy.   So will the creamy polenta.

Osso Buco IMG_4721

We did not finish it all, obviously…


…saved a teeny pocket of stomach room for sweets.

Steve is also responsible for this.  (Steve is a Culinary God.)


Semolina Waffle with a seasonal fruit compote + chantilly cream…


…Canollis made with House Ricotta Cream, Chocolate Budino, and Orange/Rosemary Olive Oil Pound Cake.


The service is outstanding, the place feels like home.  But the best part about Vernetti’s is that it’s within walking distance, and is open for brunch/lunch too.  Abe and I have been looking for a neighborhood spot to call “our place” – and after 10 years of living on Larchmont, we finally found the perfect place.

I just hope I can still get a seat there in six months.


2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Gem: Vernetti

  1. emily chang

    we’ve been eying this spot ever since we saw it open the first week…now i’ll definitely be going! YUMMM that semolina waffle….

  2. Shea Depmore

    This is so good to hear! I loved Girasole, and was scared about the new ownership / revamp of the restaruant as Vernetti.

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