The Venice Whaler

This meal is hosted.

I’ve walked by The Venice Whaler a lot in the last 10 years.  They recently changed ownership…

Venice Whaler

…had a major makeover…

Venice Whaler Jim Morrison Mural

…and revamped their menu.  Of course, there was alcohol.  At 11:30am.


Leslie Durso did the drinking, and reported that the cocktails were delicious and strong:  The “Go To” (Vodka, Strawberry, Cucumber) and “Venice Julep” (Bourbon, Peach Iced Tea, Mint Chai, Bitters).

mint julep

Almond Milk Lattes were a more appropriate beverage at that hour…


…we got a LOT of vegan food.  The one thing that wasn’t – the brioche bun on this Portobello Mushroom Burger.

portobello burger

I ate that one…

portobello burger

…with some sweet potato fries.

sweet potato fries

Also on the menu – a Whole Head of Cauliflower fried and covered in Chimichurri.

fried cauliflower

(Isn’t the word “chimichurri” perfect?!?)
fried cauliflower

More fried stuff – Brussels Sprouts with Fresno Chilies and Roasted Grapes…

fried brussels sprouts

…this was my favorite dish.  (Usually it comes with bacon; it doesn’t really need it.)

brussels sprouts

More grapes (that I thought were olives) in this Kale salad + Flax.

kale salad

We ate a lot of veggies.  This salad had beets and grapefruit.

beet salad

Beach Bar Food has really been elevated…

beet salad

…I mean, did you ever expect to see an Acai Bowl at a bar?

acas bowl


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