Always a Blue Bridesmaids Dress…

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Yes, I wore a blue bridesmaids dress on the red carpet at The San Diego Asian Film Festival.  I didn’t know it was one, actually, until I checked out the designer, Joanna August.  She makes some really beautiful wedding outfits!  This would look great on all body types, because it’s a wrap dress.  I love that it isn’t tight around the stomach.  Because I am always eating!

San Diego Asian Film Festival

Blue Dress

It is super comfy, stays put…
Lynn Chen

…has a big ol’ sexy slit down the side…

Blue Dress Blue Fairy Dress

…and makes me look a lot classier than I really am.  Nobody guessed I was wearing a dress that would be perfect for a wedding party.  Special thanks to the folks who did my hair and makeup at the San Diego Asian Film Festival!  It always helps to have professionals do that.
Hotel Room

Does anybody else’s hotel room look like this or is it just me?

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