Turducken Hot Dog for Thanksgiving

This meal is hosted.

Awkwafina’s in town.  We hit Dog Haus Dogs for some grub with Rekstizzy, to try their new Turducken Hot Dog.
DogHaus Dogs

Fries, Onion Rings, Cheesy Tater Tots smothered in Chili.

DogHaus Dogs

That CHILI!  Beefy heaven.  Abe skipped on it, obviously, for his veggie burger.

Egg Burger DogHaus Dogs

The rest of us swam in it – on the “Little Leaguer” hot dog with cheese, onions, fritos….

Chili Dog

…and a “Hangover Burger” with Bacon, Mayo, Fried Egg, and American Cheese.

DogHaus Dogs

That beauty lying by its side is their Thanksgiving Special…


…a “Turducken” Dog with Turkey, Duck, and Chicken (created for a BuzzFeed video Abe produced) resurfacing for the month.

Turducken Hot Dog

WE LOVED.  Don’t miss it.


FYI Dog Haus is opening near USC on Friday November 20th – they’re gonna give out free food!  Plus – this will be the first location to offer breakfast.  I am so coming for you, build-your-own-breakfast-burrito.


3 thoughts on “Turducken Hot Dog for Thanksgiving

  1. Vanity Rex

    I HAD ONE OF THESE LAST WEEKEND AND IT WAS AWESOME! I usually never ever (like ever) stray from my usual Grand Slam hotdog, but I’m so glad I tried the turducken. I’m already craving it and will probably go back this weekend to get more.

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