Pizza Hummus Exists

Sabra Pizza Hummus is real, and it’s really good.

Sabra is sending more samples recently, which includes their hummus (of course), Greek Yogurt Dips, Guacamole, and this.  Pizza Hummus!


PIZZA HUMMUS.  They come in individual 2 oz cups, the perfect portion.

Pizza Hummus

It does not have crazy Pizza-flavor.  More like the essence of the seasonings and spices.  But I bet it will be good on some pizza crust.  I’ve also been known to make salad dressing out of hummus – how good would a pizza salad be???

Pizza Hummus Pizza Hummus

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  1. Courtney Hong

    have time for a brief meetup while you’re down here?? =] would love to introduce you to my husband and baby boy!

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