Must Eat NYC: Eataly Pizza

Eataly Pizza Lunch at La Pizza and La Pasta New York City.

Hello from New York City!  Even though this trip is mostly business, I have to see my family.  I am meeting up with my Mom, Morgan, and my Aunt at Eataly (<—click to read my past blog post).  This is my first time trying the Eataly Pizza.



I feel I can say with confidence (even though I haven’t lived in NYC for over a decade) that Eataly is a must-eat!



Lunch is from La Pizza and La Pasta, which FYI, does not take reservations.  They also will not seat your party until they’re all present.

IMG_1096We are all happy.  Like mother, like daughter.

Follow along via #LynninNYC for more photos – I’m also snapchatting the trip.


3 thoughts on “Must Eat NYC: Eataly Pizza

  1. bc21578

    Lynn, it’s funny to see your Mom taking a pic of the pizza. It looks amazing and reminds me of Luzzo’s! Been to Eataly a couple times and I just remember how crowded it gets! It’s great to see Chinese people appreciating Italian food!

  2. gargupie

    Oh, welcome back to NYC! The restaurant scene has changed a lot, could you tell? What’s up on your next eating adventure?

    1. Lynn Chen

      Yes, very different! I’m back in LA already, but have a lot of places on my list for my next visit!

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